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  • Item name: F4 PRO
  • Size: L42 * W36mm
  • Hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm
  • Net weight: 11.2g (exclude wire)

If you need to flash with 3.1.7, pls use the above.


* OMNIBUSF4 firmware
* Master STM32F405 GRT6, refresh rate up to 8K 
* PCB 3OZ copper enhance current stability and cooling fast
* 5V 3A BEC output
* Exposed pad for easy soldering
* Compatible with all ESCs, as well as DYS 4-in-1 esc without soldering 
* Integrated OSD,  no need to flash firmware additionally,debug OSD via BF ground station. 
* Integrated current meter to monitor the real-time power consumption 
* Adjust the PID by OSD via remote control
* Adjust the VTX via open ports such as power, frequency band, frequency point (Note: The VTX should have this function like TBS one and the upcoming DYS VTX.)
* DYS F4 flight control with 4 damping balls reduce the vibration to make it fly stably. 
* 2-6s lipo support
* Net weight: 11.2g (exclude wire)
* Size: L42 * W36mm, hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm
* Gyro: MPU6000

*3.3 V Voltage output

* Include PPM VTX and RSSI VTX最新接线图.jpg

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